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Our Twin screen wall mounted boardroom system, is a favorite amongst the elite. It is suitable for large meeting rooms and boardrooms alike. This solution pack comes complete with everything you’ll need for a full installation. We hate seeing wires and cables, so we go the extra mile to conceal them wherever possible.

The HD camera and codec go a long way to ensure that the images you send reflect your every movement and gesture. In tech speak the camera and codec will send and receive 720p images at 30 frames per second. In lay terms that translates into smooth crisp images across both yours and the far ends screens.

If you think that sounds good wait till you hear the crisp better than CD quality sound produced by the installed mics and speakers. The echo cancellation feature and mute function ensures that the things you want to stay inside your four walls really do!

If you have other offices, suppliers or customers already using video conferencing you’ll never have to worry about connection issues. Our bundled video bridging service will connect up to 4 sites cross platform (IP to ISDN) no problem.

And if you want to send graphic intensive content (video, CAD, Detailed drawings) during your conference don’t sweat, we included a 2.6Mbps IP line to cope with even the most demanding desktop applications.

Like what you see so far? Wait till you see the images on your stunning twin LCD screen solution that show video and data on separate screens. You’ll see yours or the far sites presentation on one screen and the people at the far site on the other screen. And when there’s no presentation you get to see yourself on one screen and the far site on the other, or the two other sites in a three way call.

We never sell and run. We understand that you may need some help after the engineers have left. Every solution ships with 3 Years warranty, onsite training, remote training, next day swap out service, telephone and video support, software and firmware updates. What this all means is… you’ll never be alone, we will always be a phone call or a video call away..

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