A bit about this product

This stunning personal / executive video conferencing solution may be small but it packs a mighty punch! As with all our solutions we install it with IP & ISDN connectivity enabled so that you can connect to any video conference system on both IP and ISDN platforms.
This solution comes with multipoint enabled, which means you can conference with four mixed sites (IP and ISDN) in a single conference. We offer the flexibility to connect up to nine sites in a single conference on a optional pay as you go basis because we know that once you get going with video conferencing you’ll want as many people as possible in a single conference.

You’ll like what you see when you send and receive high definition images through this true high definition video conferencing solution. The camera and codec will capture every movement and deliver them to the far sites in true 720p at 30 frames per second. This stunning matt black bezel houses 24 inches of LCD high definition viewing.

If you think this all sounds good you won’t be disappointed with the high fidelity speakers and echo cancelling microphone.
We never sell and run. We understand that you may need some help after the engineers have left. Every solution ships with 3 Years warranty, onsite training, remote training, next day swap out service, telephone and video support, software and firmware updates. What this all means is… you’ll never be alone, we will always be a phone call or a video call away


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