HD Meeting Room Video Conference Solution – Mounted On a Single Cart

When people ask about a specification what they often want to know is, what does it do, and how well does it do it versus its nearest competitor. And more importantly does it solve my problem.

Our meeting room video conferencing solution, mounted on a roll-about-cart with a single 40” LCD screen is a great cost effective solution for small and medium businesses who want all the functionality of enterprise video conferencing solution without the big price tag.

This solution is built with scalability, connectivity and reliability mind. It ships ready to connect to Polycom, Tandberg, Lifesize, infact any standards based video conferencing system over both ISDN & IP networks. That’s not all… We include our highly regarded and robust bridging facility that allows four way cross platform (ISDN & IP) multipoint video conferences as standard. In short this solution will ensure you can connect and stay connected.

1.3 Mbps IP Network
We understand that most small and medium sized businesses rely on the internet connection and that regular network traffic needs to flow otherwise complaints of slow internet or the dreaded “the systems running slow” complaint surfaces.
Our 1.3Mbps un-contended IP line will ensure you never miss a word, gesture or blink of an eye. What’s more, we ensure that the video conference network traffic is totally separate to your normal business traffic, which ensures your network will remain secure and fast flowing.

High definition camera and codec
Not for the shy a retiring this system boasts a high definition camera and codec that can determine even the slightest cheeky blush at a thousand paces. It has pan tilt zoom (PTZ) functionality that is operated from the remote control. The cameras angle is wide enough to capture 12 people around a table. It is installed with a single mic that boasts better than cd quality audio pick up.

Connect IP to ISDN & Multi Point Bridging
Since the huge reduction in the cost of IP infrastructure versus the rental and billing costs of ISDN many organizations have moved over to video over IP.

There are a significant number of organisations still video conferencing over ISDN which creates an issue for people who have migrated to IP. Why? Because the two networks are not compatible and so won’t talk to each other. The solution is to bridge the video conference call.

The video conferencing bridge, aka ‘The Bridge’ has two main functions; it connects ISDN to IP and visa versa and it connects several sites in a multipoint video conference. Video conference bridging is as you would imagine it. At the most basic level two sides from opposite ends dial in and meet in the middle. It is the bridging technology that ensures the two sides can see and hear each other.
All solutions provided by video lease ship with the ability to video conference with up to 4 sites as standard and can connect with up to 9 sites on demand (NO UPGRADE REQUIRED).

Data Sharing
During your video conference you may want to illustrate a point with a graph, PowerPoint, or even a spreadsheet. Data sharing allows you to connect you pc or laptop to the video conference and send the image of your screen to the far site(s)
This practice is commonly known as data sharing.
While data sharing in a single screen environment, you will see your presentation as the main image and the far end as a picture in picture.

We never sell and run. We understand that you may need some help after the engineers have left. Every solution ships with 3 years warranty, onsite training, remote training, next day swap out service, telephone and video support, software and firmware updates. What this all means is… you’ll never be alone, we will always be a phone or a video call away.

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