At Central AV we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment.
Although we do not have an ISO14001 certification, we are working with Ground work
( to build auditable procedures with a view to gaining our ISO14001 certification.

Below are some practical steps we have adopted to help reduce our impact on the environment:

· One of our vehicles has been converted to an alternative fuel (LPG)
· We audit all our customers and suppliers with a view to building a list of companies that we can meet with over video instead of travelling.

Paper Usage
· We use duplex printing (print on both sides) by default
· All paper waste is put in recycling bins
· All internal packaging collected and recycled

· The Lights in all offices are fitted with motion sensors and switch off when no movement is detected after 10 minuets, and on with movement.
· Secure under cover bike racks have been erected to encourage cycling to work

Working Practices
· We audit our clients for information relating to recycling waste
· Where recycling collection is not available, we remove all packaging from site and deposit it at our office recycling collection point.
· Where possible we source quality products made with recycled materials

The above steps are continually reviewed and are governed by our environmental policy enclosed.