Video conferencing is fast becoming the tool of choice for business
communication. At Videolease we recognise the value of providing affordable
video conferencing solutions to small and medium businesses.

All our video conferencing packages are tailored to meet the increasing need
for business to stay competitive while growing profitability by increasing
communications between staff, clients and suppliers.

Our video conferencing return on investment calculator highlights the financial
benefits of deploying video conferencing while our leasing example shows the
tax and cash flow benefits of using leasing as a financing vehicle.

Our engineers each have a minimum of 15 years experience delivering
innovative video conferencing solutions that are backed not only by our Gold
star service and warranty team, but also by Polycom the World leader in video
conferencing and convergence.

Choose Videolease for your video conferencing solution because we understand
the needs of the small to medium enterprise and are experts in our field.


1. We care

2. There are no hidden costs

3. We provide excellent value for money

4. Our engineers each have minimum 15 years AV & VC experience

5. We are backed by manufacturer accreditation

6. Our solutions come with up to 36 Months servicing and support

7. You can upgrade at any time during the contract

8. We provide on site or via video training & support

9. We Provide low cost full video conferencing solutions

10. You can choose to own the equipment at the end of your lease