HR Classroom Video Conference Solution – With 12 Site Bridge

Low price doesn’t equal low quality. In fact this solution together with your IP network projector or plasma screen will ensure you can video conference with up to 12 sites without compromising on audio and visual quality.
This solution is put together with scalability, connectivity and reliability mind. It ships ready to connect to any Polycom, Tandberg, or Lifesize,video conference system, in fact any it will connect to any standards based video conferencing system over both ISDN & IP networks. That’s not all… You can use your local network to connect to which will open a world of curriculum based events that can only be accessed via video conferencing . We provide information about British Council led funding and incentives as part of the international school award. For more information contact our schools co-ordinator

IP Network
We are heavily involved in the education sector and have great relationships with GfL network providers and Our systems have been tested and are guaranteed to work on your schools network, which will give you the ability to connect to and beyond.

High Resolution camera and codec
Not for the shy or retiring this system boasts a high resolution camera and codec that can determine even the slightest cheeky blush at a thousand paces. It has pan tilt zoom (PTZ) functionality that is operated from the remote control. The cameras angle is wide enough to capture 8 -10 people around a table. It is installed with two mics that boasts better than cd quality audio pick up.

Interactive whiteboard or Screen
To get the best quality out of your video conference solution you need a good display to watch it on. We are aware that you may already have a number of Interactive whiteboards and screens in your class room. As part of our pre-sales service we will carry out checks to ensure that your display is fully compatible with the video conference system and that you can continue to use it for presentations when the video conference system is switched off.

Connect IP to ISDN & Multi Point Bridging
There are two types of networks for video conferencing namely IP or ISDN. In the beginning everybody connected using ISDN since IP networks were not fast or cheap enough for video conferencing. Fast forward 10 Years and IP networks have become both cheap and fast, resulting in a migration away from ISDN to IP.

There are a significant number of organisations who still use video conferencing over ISDN which creates an issue for people who have migrated to IP. Why? Because the two networks are not compatible and so won’t talk to each other. The solution is to bridge the video conference call.

The video conferencing bridge, aka ‘The Bridge’ has two main functions; it connects ISDN to IP and visa versa and it connects several sites in a multipoint video conference call. Video conference bridging is as you might imagine it; at the most basic level, two locations sides dial in and meet in the middle, The bridge connects the two locations so that they can see and hear each other and share data.

Why do I need a bridge?
The most common reason for bridging is to bring multiple sites together in a single call. This practice is commonly known as multipoint bridging or multipoint call.
All solutions for schools provided by video lease ship with the ability to video conference with up to 4 sites as standard and can connect with up to 12 sites on demand (NO UPGRADE REQUIRED).

Data Sharing
During your video conference you may want to illustrate a point with a graph, PowerPoint, or even a spreadsheet. Data sharing allows you to connect you pc or laptop to the video conference and share whatever is on your screen with everybody in the video conference. This practice is commonly known as data sharing. If you are data sharing in a single screen environment, you will see your presentation as the main image and you will see the far end as a small picture in picture.

We never sell and run. We understand that you may need some help after the engineers have left. Every solution ships with 3 years warranty, onsite training, remote training, next day swap out service, telephone and video support, software and firmware updates. What this all means is… you’ll never be alone, we will always be a phone or a video call away. Our Schools co-ordinator is available to assist you with all meters relating to the British council which includes funding, location partner schools, passing on information about events, spreading best practice and all else besides. Contact the schools co-ordinator for more information

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